Mieren Taylor MierenTaylor

I'm a pretty general animator. I do whatever I need in a given project, but my focus is directed at modeling. I do quite a bit of character modeling and rigging.

Jase Carty scenicflya

A man-servant to two ShadowBoxerz Ninja & Nikita Meow meow

Rodrigo Arenas-Carter rod_sands

Writer and Visual Artist. MA in #Literature. Author of ONCE. Escritor y Artista Visual. MA en #Literatura. Autor de ONCE. Nacido en Chile. #nomade #nomad #latinamerica #latinoamerica

bhaskar bhaskar

T Bhaskar Rao Journalist Hyderabad Andhra Pradesh, India netbhas@gmail.com 9030480880

Anthony M. Grimaldi JourneyManDesigns

My technique of unifying illustration & digital art allows me to design with unlimited creativity and visual imagination, assuring maximum artistic achievement and impact in every design.

Farayi Chambati Navigator8

Dad . Consultant . Weekend Carpenter . Traveler

Shashiclicks Shashiclicks

- True saying by someone "Hum rahe ya na rahe yaad aayenge woh Pal". To capture all such precious moments of your life, I decided to turn my career to my passion of Photography.