Girish Nayak Girish

Co-Founder @rime. "This is era of Imagination.Power of Imagination is, It will be true in the future. And the difference of present and future is shrinking."

Bhanu rhyme

here; < /> https://medium.com/@ibps10/rime-whats-next-for-social-media-content-sharing-981ea4fd4a03

Rime rime

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Neha Agarwal Neha

I m pretty,lovely and charming woman. Adventurous as well. I love running. Sometimes I go for bike riding, skating, carting,driving. Believe or not meditation and yoga are exciting things to do.

Mike Herzog mrmikeh

To reach out to touch people with my spirit To inspire with my vivid imagination To excite and entertain with my Vision This my work my humanity my legacy Will endure far beyond the reaches

Ishkaran Singh Codinpsycho

Gamer, Dancer and I Programme things, currently @Ubisoft

Ankit Tripathi (Electric Piya) electric_piya

Writer, Theatre Actor, Full time crazy!